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Symposium Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity

Join us  Wednesday 19 March for a lively afternoon of connecting art practice to innovation, and probing the future of interdisciplinarity. ‘Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity’ is an initiative of The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) and Het Nieuwe Insitituut.

For STT, March 19 marks the end of the foresight study in which new relations between art, science and technology were explored. Het Nieuwe Instituut will adopt the findings of these explorations, and will apply them in the development of their practice-based researches.

During Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity we will discuss the findings of the STT foresight study, reflect on interdisciplinary, ‘designerly’ approaches to social problems and engage in a debate on the relation between art and innovation.

In shortSTT-Art-and-Innovation-The-Future-of-Interdisciplinarity_1000_425
What: The Future of Interdisciplinarity
When: Wednesday, March 19 (13.30 -17.00h + drinks)
Where: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
Who: for more information contact Annette Potting (potting@stt.nl)

What else: free admittance (registration required), language English

Seats are limited! Please register here for participation and you will receive updates on the programme. The event programme will follow shortly.


Call for Embedded Researcher Bio-Art

There’s a call for an Embedded Researcher, post MA/Pre-PhD on the level Bio-Art, Ethics, and Engagement at the University of Amsterdam.

It’s a 10 month project to analyse Bio-Art Interventions at the Waag Society, beginning October 2013.

Applicants have untill the 31 of July 2013 to apply.


An ambitious researcher with a training in the history of medicine, knowledgeable about major current developments in life sciences & health and with an interest in pursuing doctoral research is sought for a funded research project on the use of Bio-Art as a strategy to improve science communication between professionals and diverse publics.

The concrete product delivered at the end of the project will be a PhD proposal that will synthesize the history of strategies for the public communication of science since this field of communication developed in the second half of the twentieth century and which will analyse case studies of Bio-Art projects to suggest a model for improved communication between scientists and the public using the strategies found in Bio-Art.

The research-in-progress will be presented by the embedded researcher at an expert meeting at the Waag Society where artists, scientists, and scholars will discuss current trends in Bio-Art and how they relate to challenges and opportunities in science communication.

Finally, the applicants will mentor the embedded researcher in a collaborative project to demonstrate a model of science communication in an artwork co-produced with an artistic advisor to the project.


The research position is funded by the Creative Industries Research Center Amsterdam (CIRCA) and the project will be developed in collaboration with The Waag Society Amsterdam and the Museum Boerhaave Leiden, and supervised by Manon Parry, Assistant Professor of Public History, University of Amsterdam.


Contact Dr. Parry for a full description of the project, and to submit a CV and writing sample in application by July 31, at m.s.parry@uva.nl

SOURCE: http://www.clicknl.nl/blog/call-for-embedded-researcher-bio-art/?lang=en

Do It Together Bio #2 (19 december, wetlab, waag society)

Reminder: Do It Together Bio #2

Get to work in our Open Wetlab – join us in some DIY microscopy, re-enacting the PCR procedure and transillumination. During the work break we can listen to Haseeb Ahmed who worked at MIT and is now a research fellow at Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. He will present his plan to grow a never dying liver in vitro (Prometheus) and his winning DA4GA proposal Fish Bone Chapel.

Wednesday 19 December
18:00 – 22:00 hrs
Sign up



DYI Bio // biohacking (EVENT)

Tijdens deze bijeenkomst is het Fablab in de Waag geopend om direct aan de slag te kunnen gaan. De avond staat onder leiding van Pieter van Bohemen. Als je wilt deelnemen aan het project kun je contact opnemen via@pietervboheemen.


25 mei 2012, vanaf 18.00 uur


Waag Society, eerste etage
Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam

Aanmelden voor DIY Bio kan via de Meetup pagina van de Dutch DIY Bio Group.

DIY Bio is een activiteit van het Wetlab van Waag Society. Het Wetlab richt zich op de biowetenschappen en het ontwerp en de ethiek van het leven. Wij willen de industrie, kunstenaars en vormgevers, maar ook de politiek en publiek hands-on betrekken bij de vormgeving van biotechnologie, alsook bij hetgeen biotechnologie vormgeeft.”

BRON: http://waag.org/nl/event/diy-bio

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