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Programma ‘Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity’ (19 maart) bekend

REGISTER HERE: http://www.eventbrite.nl/e/art-and-innovation-the-future-of-interdisciplinarity-tickets-10477387147


13.00 Coffee & Tea
13.30 Welcome (Tim Vermeulen, Het Nieuwe Instituut, moderator)
  About STT (Rein Willems, STT) and Het Nieuwe Instituut (Floor van Spaendonck, Het Nieuwe Instituut)
  Art & Innovation: What About It? (Dick Rijken, The Hague University of Applied Sciences + STEIM)
  Innovation for Art:

  Metaskills: the artist as human in interdisciplinary projects of Het Nieuwe Instituut. (Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Het Nieuwe Instituut)
15.30 The Future of Art-Science Collaborations (Jacco van Uden, STT)
  More Than a Good Thing? Evaluating Creatity (pre-recorded video by Linda Candy, University of Technology, Sydney); audience discussion with Lucas Evers, Waag Society
   Art & Innovation: why we need new perspectives. Panel and audience discussion.


17.00 – Closing, drinks and snacks


Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity

Again and again, research reveals that by itself technology plays a rather modest role in innovation. Dealing with the truly complex challenges of the future requires an open mind and a broad perspective. Of course, research & development and patents are important, but so are creative thinking, clever management and the ability to connect the seemingly incompatible.

Interdisciplinarity is what we need, is often suggested. An approach that does not promote pigeonholing, but that takes the idea, that innovation depends on bridging disciplines, as its starting point.

By itself, this ideal of interdisciplinarity, in the context of innovation, is not a new one. The emergence of mono-disciplines and hyper-specialization has been criticized extensively. But what makes more recent debates on the matter particularly interesting is this idea that art and artistic practice play an important role in innovation. An idea worth exploring in greater detail, we figured.

Join us on March 19, 2014 for a lively afternoon of connecting art practice to innovation, and probing the future of interdisciplinarity. Register HERE

We will address questions like: Wherein exactly lies the value of being between (inter) disciplines? What can we really expect from interdisciplinarity? It adds complexity, but does it help to see through complexities as well? And how does art fit in there? Is art yet another discipline, is art what binds other disciplines together, or is art above all a perspective? Can art help to deliver easy solutions or is the relation between art and innovation (fundamentally) different from that?

Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity is an initiative of The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) and Het Nieuwe Insitituut. For STT, March 19 marks the end of a foresight study in which new relations between art, science and technology were explored. Het Nieuwe Instituut will adopt the findings of these explorations, and will apply them in the development of their practice-based researches.

During Art and Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity we will discuss the findings of the STT foresight study, reflect on interdisciplinary, artistic approaches to societal problems and engage in a debate on the relation between art and innovation.

Guus Beumer, directeur-bestuurder Het Nieuwe Instituut

Jacco van Uden, project manager Foresight Study on Art, Science and Technology


Art & Innovation: The Future of Interdisciplinarity

19 March 2014, 13:30 – 17:00 + drinks

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Auditorium

Museumpark 25

3015 CB Rotterdam

Phone: +31 10 440 1200

How to get there


More information? Please direct your questions to Annette Potting (potting@stt.nl)


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