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Call for Embedded Researcher Bio-Art

There’s a call for an Embedded Researcher, post MA/Pre-PhD on the level Bio-Art, Ethics, and Engagement at the University of Amsterdam.

It’s a 10 month project to analyse Bio-Art Interventions at the Waag Society, beginning October 2013.

Applicants have untill the 31 of July 2013 to apply.


An ambitious researcher with a training in the history of medicine, knowledgeable about major current developments in life sciences & health and with an interest in pursuing doctoral research is sought for a funded research project on the use of Bio-Art as a strategy to improve science communication between professionals and diverse publics.

The concrete product delivered at the end of the project will be a PhD proposal that will synthesize the history of strategies for the public communication of science since this field of communication developed in the second half of the twentieth century and which will analyse case studies of Bio-Art projects to suggest a model for improved communication between scientists and the public using the strategies found in Bio-Art.

The research-in-progress will be presented by the embedded researcher at an expert meeting at the Waag Society where artists, scientists, and scholars will discuss current trends in Bio-Art and how they relate to challenges and opportunities in science communication.

Finally, the applicants will mentor the embedded researcher in a collaborative project to demonstrate a model of science communication in an artwork co-produced with an artistic advisor to the project.


The research position is funded by the Creative Industries Research Center Amsterdam (CIRCA) and the project will be developed in collaboration with The Waag Society Amsterdam and the Museum Boerhaave Leiden, and supervised by Manon Parry, Assistant Professor of Public History, University of Amsterdam.


Contact Dr. Parry for a full description of the project, and to submit a CV and writing sample in application by July 31, at m.s.parry@uva.nl

SOURCE: http://www.clicknl.nl/blog/call-for-embedded-researcher-bio-art/?lang=en


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