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Displace 2.0: Mediation of Sensations. A conversation with Chris Salter

“Chris Salter is a media and performance artist, based in Montreal and Berlin. Performance and performativity, as well as interaction with other disciplinary fields of arts are the main aspects and features of his work. Not only from the artistic point of view but also in terms of research. Salter is indeed involved in scientific research projects and publications (we would like to mention here his book published by MIT Press in 2010 “Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance”).

The focus of his research is on the creation of augmented performative environments where sensor based tools and technologies challenge the sensorial experience on different levels (audio, visual, tactile, olfactive, etc). This is what is called “cross modal perception”, meaning an interactive and comprehensive experience of sensation, where time and space modalities of human perception are just the basis of a wider and deeper exploration in terms of synesthetic boundaries. The aim is to question not only the traditional performance environment, but also the standard(ized) cultural sensations that come with it. In order to do that, the artistic environments are augmented by computer-based tools, sensor networks and other specific technologies.”

READ FURTHER AT http://www.digicult.it/news/a-conversation-with-chris-salter-on-displace-2-0/?goback=.gde_4396783_member_232335040



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