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Bright Collisions: Rob Bouwman (Shell) – video

On September 12, 2012 STT and Todays Art festival organised the Bright Collisions symposium, dedicated to the exploration of new interactions between art and technology. The theme of the day was “Art/Technology/Industry: Future Collaborations”. Learn more about the symposium HERE

One of our speakers was Rob Bouwman, former director at Shell Netherlands.

Watch his presentation:

Dr. Rob Bouwman, born 1940 in the former Dutch-Indies, went to the Netherlands in 1954, pursued academic studies in physical chemistry and a doctorate in physics, worked 12 years in research at Shell in Amsterdam and Houston, then had various positions in management, the last one as director in the Board of Shell Nederland responsible for the relations with the outside world. Since his retirement he continued his link with Shell as an advisor on matters at the interface of Shell and the world of Arts. He is presently engaged with the “Van Gogh at work” project.


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One thought on “Bright Collisions: Rob Bouwman (Shell) – video

  1. What a pity almost nobody visited this symposium. I was there because I hoped to make contact with the “world of art” as a representative of business & technology but the only one who was there was another speaker John Hennequin from the HKU. Outside many students were talking and smoking without any interest for what was happening inside. Personally I think they are missing an opportunity to find sponsors.

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