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C. P. Snow: The Two Cultures

C.P. Snow, the essayist who coined the “two culture” cliché, proposed a simple solution to the problem of divided cultures. He argued that we needed a “third culture,” which would close the “communications gap” between scientists and artists. Each side, Snow said, would benefit from an understanding of the other, as writers learned about the second law of thermodynamics and scientists read Shakespeare.”

C. P. Snow:  The Two Cultures … Read it here: http://classes.dma.ucla.edu/Fall07/9-1/pdfs/week1/TwoCultures.pdf

Leonardo, Vol. 23, No. 2/3, New Foundations: Classroom Lessons in Art/Science/Technology for
the 1990s. (1990), pp. 169-173.


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One thought on “C. P. Snow: The Two Cultures

  1. The idea that a conflict between 2 can be resolved by a 3 has to do with the fact that a division always results in 2 mostly opposite parts AND the division itself which is the third part.

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