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VACANCY: Joint professorship (Leiden / Delft) @crossroads art/design history,material and visual cultural studies


The professorship is situated at the crossroads of art/design history and material and visual cultural studies and thus unites two closely related theoretical fields. This interdisciplinary domain underscores the reciprocal nature of the relation between human artefacts and the social/cultural circumstances in which these are brought into being: Designed artefacts – in the broadest sense of the word – reflect social and cultural practices as much as that they are shaped by the way we live and the values we adhere to in a certain period. Understanding the change processes underlying this system, highly determines our ability to reflect, foresee, and design for it. In particular, in this domain the designed object is regarded as (1) a manifestation of social, cultural and economic developments and practices, and (2) as a central factor in the cycle of production, transmission and consumption. The emphasis is on the design and use of products since the Industrial Revolution and the role of the product as a vehicle for (cultural) meaning.

The Design, Culture & Society Chair will study both the role of the designer as a creative individual in his/her artistic and socio-cultural context and the ways in which knowledge of the historical background of objects and processes can contribute to an insight into the (future) effects of products and their use. The main directions of research for this Chair concern (1) Connections between cultural/societal processes and design manifestations, the position of the designer, design practice, and design processes. (2) The relation between high and popular culture with respect to a design discourse and design values and (3) The predictability of changes in design trends and practices based on historical and dynamic patterns. …

GO TO: http://www.academictransfer.com/employer/LEI/vacancy/15090/lang/en/


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