een STT toekomstverkenning

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room

Thursday 22 March – Sunday 30 September 2012

BMW Tate Live banner
Performances are streamed live on Tate’s YouTube Channel.

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is a series of performances commissioned and conceived exclusively for the online space, and the first artistic programme created purely for live web broadcast.

The BMW Tate Live Performance Room invites four artists’ commissions in 2012.

The performances are only seen by online viewers. They take place in the Performance Room at Tate Modern in London and are streamed live on Tate’s YouTube Channel directly to your screen. You can discuss each work with other viewers and put questions directly to the artist or curator on Tate’s channels on YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BMWTateLive.

Each performance will be archived and available to view online at a later date.

This ground-breaking series is completely unlike anything Tate has done before. These live events will bring a global community together to simultaneously experience each artwork across the world.

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/user/tate/tatelive


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