een STT toekomstverkenning

Tagology: een gezamenlijke taal voor mensen en computers

“Tagology is an experiment to create a language for both humans and computers. Tagology codes represent two meanings: a logo to be read by people and bits for computers. Some existing pictograms and ideograms can be used, while many new ones can be created. Digital readers, such as the camera on the mobile phone, can be used to read, translate and learn unfamiliar tags.

Being a new communication system, Tagology opens up a whole range of possibilities for communication and design.

  • Tags can be constructed in all sizes and materials. Artists, architects and game developers could add meaning to public places, using bricks or buildings as tags.
  • Tags can be read by blind people like Braille and used to communicate with deaf people as it is a visual language. It may even evolve as a sign language, visually filling the rows of five with our five fingers.
  • We currently investigate possibilities for building a Tagology keyboard: 30 buttons in a 5×6 matrix along with some function buttons. Just like the Tag Editor, but then with real buttons.”

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