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AR lab at the KABK: Connecting digital worlds with our physical world in an creative and scientific way…

“The AR Lab is a laboratory for the research of Augmented Reality (AR) and other new visualisation techniques (IVT). The Lab consists of a variable group of artists, designers, scientists, engineers and (art) students.

The AR Lab, based in the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands,  is the centre of our practical  and experimental research. Within the AR Lab environment we focus on 3 domains in our AR-VIP Raak-Pro Programme 2010-2014: AR-VIP: Augmented Reality-Visualisation, Interaction and Perception.

We aim to understand, develop, refine and improve the amalgamation of the physical world with the virtual. We do this through a project-based approach and with the help of research funding from RAAK-Pro. Staff and researchers from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague,  the Bio-Robotics Lab of Delft University of Technology, Media Technology of Leiden University and communication and Design company Fabrique share knowledge and research results, and complement each other in scientific, technical, commercial, or artistic terms. For more details, see the People and Partners page. We all share the love of exploring and researching the strange and exciting bond between the virtual world and reality. Some use virtual technology to create art, others wish to use it as a medium for design but we all want to explore it.

The AR Lab welcomes students, artists, researchers, museums, festivals, and anyone else who needs help or advice for their augmented reality projects, especially those working in the field of Cultural Heritage. Students can contribute either for brief or extended periods in various ways; for example as a research assistant, as a 3D animator, or in any other form they choose.

KABK students might fill their Individual Study Programme space (6 ECTS per semester) with an introductory course, or by working as a market researcher / AR-Trooper (new as of September 2011) or by participating in a research project. From time to time, students will be invited to join a research group that does AR projects for museums or the industry, as done for the Van Gogh Museum, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the Kröller-Müller Museum, Fokker and KLM.  Wim van Eck is the main advisor for students who wish to apply AR in their work.

Students – including those from other institutes – who wish to use AR in their (final) exam project are invited to contact the AR Lab. Students who wish to write their (final) thesis on AR can get help from the AR Lab. Their work may also be published on this website.

See our projects.

Whether you are new to Augmented Reality (AR) or an expert, you’ll find plenty of information on this site to keep you informed about our current, recent and upcoming activities and our archive. You can also find out what is new in the Augmented Reality world.  Students and teachers from all three institutes are engaged in the various artistic, experimental or scientific projects.

External partners, like students from other institutes, (small) companies, museums, festival owners, are always welcome in our Lab. Here Yolande Kolstee and Wim van Eck will review and discuss the plans ahead. We will try to find solutions for AR projects and if possible (due to time restrains) contribute.

BRON: http://www.arlab.nl


Tim Huiskens, Tim Keijzers, Lilian van Daal and Wouter Sieuwerts, 2010


Headset design, Niels Mulder, 2008

AR Art work of Marina de Haas at TodayArt, 2007


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